Photocell Sensor Assembly Guide

Parts needed:
a. Cricket jumpers, any color (x2)
b. photocell sensor
c. 3-prong housing
d. larger heat shrink
e. smaller heat shrink (x2)
– soldering iron and solder (not pictured)
– heat gun (not pictured)

Start by stripping about half an inch of wire from the jumpers. Do not strip the end of the wire that has the cricket jumper. Fan out all the individual wires that are now exposed.

Wrap a wire around each side of the photocell and twist to get a tight hold.

Apply solder to each connection to secure and strengthen the hold.

Slide the smaller heat shrink over each connection. Apply heat with the heat gun until the shrink is tight.

Slide the larger heat shrink over both wires and both heat shrunk connections. Apply heat with the heat gun until the shrink is tight. Next is to take the other ends of the both wires, the jumpers, and attach them to the 3-prong housing. The orientation of the jumper is very important.

The jumper has a tiny tab on one side; you might not be able to see it clearly but you can feel it with your finger. When plugging it in, the tab must be facing the side of the housing with the tiny opening. When placed in, you should feel a light “click” and if it has been put in correctly then you will not be able to take it out. If it is easily removable you have either placed it in incorrectly or not pushed it in far enough.

Plug both wires into the two outside slots on the housing. Do not place a wire in the middle opening. Either wire can be plugged into either outside slot.

Photocell sensor assembly complete!