Ordering Instructions for Pen Holders

This part of the Cricket car has to be laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic from Ponoko. The design must be uploaded to their website and custom ordered. Follow these steps:

Download one or more of the following files, depending on what type and how many pen holders you want to order:

Crayola Fine Line Markers

cricketpen6_.eps – for 6 Cricket cars
cricketpen12_.eps – for 12 Cricket cars
cricketpen18_.eps – for 18 Cricket cars



Sharpie Fine Point Markers


cricketpen6_sharpies.eps – for 6 Cricket cars
cricketpen12_sharpies.eps – for 12 Cricket cars
cricketpen18_sharpies.eps – for 18 Cricket cars



Sign up for a free account on Ponoko.

After signing up, click My Account on the right. Then click Preferences. For Show measurements in: choose inches. Now click Save this info.Now click Welcome on the left to return to the previous screen. Now click Make a new design on the lower left.

Click Add design file, then browse and add the file(s) you downloaded.

Adjust quantity (if necessary) and click Done.

On the next screen scroll down and click Click here to add a material.

Select Plastic from the “Choose a material type” drop-down menu.

Select Acrylic – Clear (or whatever color you want, just make sure it’s Acrylic) from the “Choose a material” drop-down menu.

Select 0.220 inches from the “Choose a thickness” drop-down menu.

Select P1 – 7.100 inches long x 7.100 inches wide from the “Choose a size” drop-down menu.

Click Add this material.

Scroll to the bottom and click Make it.

At the bottom of the next screen click Add shipping details.

Continue with the order form until complete. Voila!