Ardublock How To

Looking to get started with Arduino using Ardublock but don’t know how? Take a look at some of the basic curriculum and guides that we’ve developed.

Hardware Guides                            

Build a DFRobot car
To cut/print pen holders: Artbotics Arduino Pen Holder Design File (EPS / STL)
Assemble a Touch Sensor
Assemble a Range Sensor
Assemble a Light Sensor
Mechanisms Bracket for holding DC motors and linkages (STL)
Mechanisms Crank Linkage (EPS)

Software Guides

Download the Arduino Software (IDE)
Download the Artbotics Arduino Library and Ardublock
How to install the Artbotics Arduino Library and the Artbotics version of Ardublock

Note: Ardublock is an open source project with many more tools then our version which is slimmed down for Artbotics. For the full version please go to Ardublock’s SourceForge page.

Curriculum Handouts

Driving and Drawing (Ardublock) Exercise Handout
Exploring Mechanisms (Ardublock) Exercise Handout
Reacting to Sensors (Ardublock) Exercise Handout