How To Install Cricket Logo

These are the link and files for you to use to install the cricket properly. For general information on the installation, please visit

If you are using a Mac: (OS X)

USB beamer drivers:
Cricket Logo: CkLogo-MacOSX-1.3.dmg.gz

Note: Do not run the file “” in the INSTALL THIS FIRST folder. This will overwrite your drivers with old files that can potentially cause Cricket Logo to lock up.
If Cricket Logo crashes after opening it, try copying all of the contents of “CkLogo-MacOSX-1.3.dmg” into a folder on your desktop, then opening CkLogo.jar

If you are using a PC: (Windows)

The USB beamer drives can either be installed via EXE file: CDM20814_Setup.exe (may have to be run twice)
Or you can download the driver files here:
Cricket Logo: Install_Cricket_Logo_Windows.exe

Alternative Online Option

You may also use‘s live programmer window to write, download, and save programs online. The iCODE Project allows easy sharing or programs for various microcontrollers and provides a bunch of free programming tutorials.

Open the link above and click on Programmer: Live Window on the left-hand side.

Once the window is loaded, go to Options and select Super Cricket.

You must hit “Compile” before you “Download”; this will prompt you to save your file on iCODE’s website. Saving your program online allows you to access it from any computer connected to the internet.