NXT How To

Looking to get started with NXT but don’t know how? Take a look at some of the basic curriculum and guides that we use.

Hardware Guides                         

Building NXT Drawing Car Pen Holder                 
To cut/print pen holders: Artbotics Lego Mindstorms Pen Holder Design File (EPS / STL)

Software Guides

Download NXT Command Center
Download Lego Digital Designer

Curriculum Handouts

Driving and Drawing (NXT) Exercise Handout
Exploring Mechanisms (NXT) Exercise Handout
Mechanisms Digital Designer Files
Reacting to Sensors (NXT) Exercise Handout


Artbotics Introduction Presentation
Driving and Drawing (NXT) Presentation
Exploring Mechanisms Presentation
Reacting to Sensors (NXT) Presentation
Artbotics Interactive, Kinetic Sculptures Presentation
Best Practices and Lessons Learned Presentation