Organizers: Diana Coluntino, Adam Norton, Holly Yanco
Contact Information:,
Affiliated OrganizationsUmass Lowell, iRobot, The Revolving Museum
Associated Conference: STREAM
LocationiRobot Corporation, Bedford MA
Age Level: Educator
Platform: Super Cricket
Contact Hours: 17 hours
Dates6/27/2012 – 6/28/2012
Curriculum Used:

Artbotics: Attracting Students to STEM presentation

Artbotics with different age groups: elementary, middle, and high school students

Artbotics in different settings and program types: after school / camps, and in school

Best practices presentation files and handouts

Del Mar High School in San Jose, CA
Used Artbotics in her 3D design classes to produce Cricket car drawings, shadow puppets, and kinetic sculptures made up of Cricket car drawings. Includes student critique sheet, project criteria, history of the spirograph, and questions for students about their projects.

Revolving Museum in Lowell, MA
Ran twelve after school high school programs, each culminating in an exhibit of the students’ kinetic sculptures. Includes videos of mechanisms in student projects.

Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill and Lawrence, MA
Adapted into curriculums for Microcomputers, Intro to CS, and British Literature, as well as ran four and five-day Upward Bound workshops.

Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA
Ran workshops for high school and college level students using Artbotics, with photo documentation.

Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough, MA
Used Artbotics in an after school program, participating students exhibited their work Botfest, which then led them to competing in the Botball competition. Also had workshops and presentations done at AMSA to interest students in robotics.

Middlesex Community College, North Essex Community College, and UMass Lowell Design Camp
Ran multiple robotics workshops using Artbotics and TechCreation materials, projects include a haunted house and soda dispensing machine. Includes constraints, problem decomposition, brainstorming, videos of student projects, first project introduction, programming guide, and tool safety guide.

MassBay Community College in Wellesley, MA
Used Artbotics in one-hour workshops for high school students and four-hour workshops for CS0 and CS1 college students. Includes Artbotics kit component description sheet and links to photos and videos of student projects.


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