Fall 2011 After School Program

Organizers: Diana Coluntino, Adam Norton
Contact Information: holly@cs.uml.edu, anorton@cs.uml.edu
Affiliated Organizations: Umass Lowell, The Revolving Museum
Age Level: high school
Platform: Super Cricket
Dates: 2011


This semester’s class decided on the theme of “dream boxes.” After more brainstorming each student came up with a dream or nightmare-like scene to animate inside of a box. Also during our class we had a visit from local automata artist, Dug North!

 Dug brought along some examples of automata and their different mechanisms. The students got an in-depth look into Dug’s process of conceptualizing, planning, and engineering his own kinetic sculptures. It was a huge help to the entire class!

In Captured Dreamscapes, this semester’s exhibit, a series of surreal, dream-like narratives have been brought to life. The dreams (or nightmares) are depicted in small scale animated figures, machines, and objects, each set in different times, worlds, and dimensions. The scenes have been “captured” from the mind of a dreamer, contained in a box, and transformed into pieces of kinetic sculpture.



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