Spring 2010 After School Program

Organizers: Diana Coluntino, Adam Norton
Contact Information: holly@cs.uml.edu, anorton@cs.uml.edu
Affiliated Organizations: Umass Lowell, 199 Gallery
Age Level: high school
Platform: Super Cricket
Dates: 2010

Each of the eight high school participants in this semester’s program created a piece for their installation, “The Presence of Absence.” The robotic pieces use motors to manipulate fabric by twisting, pulling, and rotating it, transforming the space into a surreal and dreamy landscape.

Taking a much higher conceptual stance than previous projects, this installation deals with the contrasts and relationships between color, space, movement, and matter. The only colors present are slightly varying shades of white, moving slowly throughout the space and around the viewer. Flat fabric becomes three-dimensional through these movements, and here lies the heart of each piece. Materializing the immateriality of movement and white noise.


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